High quality industrial 3D printing for ocean technology applications. By engineers for engineers.

There is a difference between printing

and creating parts, that actually work

As a team of high-experienced engineers for ocean technology, we know about the special demands on technology and components for the sea.  Every part we print for ourselves is a result of years of experience and in-depth attention to every detail. For your order, you can not only build on the same level of high print quality, but also on our profound knowledge about deep sea engineering.

With every order, you can select additional services, which will help you bringing your ideas to life and creating working and reliable products that perfectly meet your needs.

Let's build things together: Parts that actually work.

Engineer works on the PC and develops a 3D structure (a thruster for ROV) for printing, using a CAD program / Ingenieur arbeitet am PC und entwickelt eine 3D Struktur (Antrieb für ROV), die gedruckt werden soll, indem er ein CAD Softwareprogramm verwendet

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We tried good machines, we tried great machines.

and then we found the one which was made for the job

The ocean is a very rough place to work: From high pressure to salty environments, the ever-changing conditions put high stress on manufactured parts. From the beginning of our journey, we knew that we couldn't build on traditional engineering processes. This is why we relied on 3D printing from the very first day.

We had to try different printing technologies until we finally found what we need in order to meet our own high demands and the challenges of the sea. And now we want to offer you this great technology and support you with our experience:

The HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology is outperforming and the final parts has nothing in common with the typical weak plastic objects, you might know from other 3D printing processes.

MJF enables us to produce mechanically strong, highly resistant and extremely precise functional, ready-to-use prototypes and small series with very short lead times at simultaneously low costs.

  • Machine: HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series
  • Maximum build size: 380 x 380 x 284 mm
  • Layer thickness: 80 microns (0.08 mm)
  • Minimum wall thickness: approx. 0.5 mm
  • High accuracy: ±0.2 % (with a lower limit on ± 0.2 mm)
  • High resolution: 1,200 dpi printing resolution
  • High density: nearly 100 %
  • Ultimate repeatability: consistently high, batch-independent printing quality
  • Final objects are nearly isotropic.
  • Excellent surface quality without visible layers

PA12 (polyamide 12, commonly called “nylon 12”) is a self-supporting powder, which doesn't need support structures, so that even the most complex shapes can be produced easily.

  • Material: polyamide 12 (PA12, “nylon12”)
  • Lightweight: ~1.01 g/cm³
  • Chemically resistant against UV, water, weather conditions and almost all chemical substances, e.g. lipids and minerals
  • Heat-resistant: up to ~100 °C
  • Long-term stable, durable and impact-resistant
  • Colors: stone-grey (raw parts) or black / anthracite (dyed parts)

Better by concept

The 3D printing technology, also called »additive process«, offers many advantages over conventional, shaving or subtractive processes – especially for the production of prototypes and small batches. The Multi Jet Fusion technology in particular provides even more specific properties. And with our knowledge and experience in the engineering of parts for underwater use that works, we offer you the best complete solution for your project!

Advantages 3D Printing
  • Easier and faster construction and realization of parts
  • Allows more complex structures
  • Enables to construct parts, which are not possible with other production processes
  • Lower weight and higherload capacity of parts
  • More cost-effective
  • More resource-friendly (it is only printed what is necessary)
Advantages Multijet Fusion
  • High construction speed
  • Low material consumption
  • Most cost-effective and economical additive manufacturing technology
  • Sustainable (80% powder are reused)
  • Fully functional and ready-to-use objects
  • Durable and mechanically strong (nearly isotropic) parts
  • Highly thermal and chemical resistant
  • Outperforming resolution and accuracy
  • Printing of even the most complex shapes and structures
  • Excellent surface quality straight out of the printer
Advantages our service
  • In-depth knowledge and experience in engineering and printing workable, reliable components for underwater use
  • Developing and manufacturing by our own
  • Highest demands on quality and functionality of the printed parts
  • Breaking new ground to reach nothing less than the best possible result
  • Wide range of advanced pre- and post-processing (engineering) services
  • Free sample available
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How it works – the process

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Easy and comfortable: Select your desired pre- and post-treatments, upload your data file via drag and drop – done!

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Preprocessing, Print, Postprocessing

Professional and high quality: We place the highest value on every processing step and of course on the final result.

Shipping & Payment

Fair and trustful: We dispatch the finished parts together with the invoice directly after completion.

What our customers say

Example of a high quality industrial 3D printed application for reliable use under water and in the deep-sea for Kraken Power GmbH / Beispiel for ein extrem hochwertiges, 3D gedrucktes Industrieprodukt zur zuverlässigen Verwendung unter Wasser und in der Tiefsee für Kraken Power GmbH

We were able to manufacture our parts faster and more cost-effectively with MJF 3D printing. Because Framework Robotics uses the process for its own production, we are confident that the product meets our specific requirements. The service support was extensive and fast. We are very satisfied with the delivered parts.Johannes Niemeyer, Kraken Power GmbH

Where the magic happens

the Framework Robotics Lab

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Made for the sea

by people who know it

In our lab in Rostock, we develop the future of modular surface and underwater platforms. Our experience in 3D modeling and designing underwater systems is a unique part of our advanced service, we offer to you. No matter if you need engineering from the scratch or help with the optimization of your 3D model: We know the challenges and can support you at any point of your R&D process – with high quality engineering and our love for the sea.

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+49 381 26 05 75 40 · ed.scitobor-wf@ecivres-d3

FAQ – Our Answers

Allowed file format for 3D data
step · stl · iges · amf · 3mf
We will provide you with a quote within a maximum of 3 business days.
Paypal, prepayment or by invoice.
Yes, at least 5 mm x 5 mm x 5 mm.
Fonts with font height of at least 2.5 mm.
Wall thickness: 0.5 mm to 30mm.
Our system prints about 4 kg of components within about 12 hours, with a further 24 hours of cooling time.
Usually, your print job is ready for shipment after 5 working days.
The price is calculated on the one hand by the volumetric density and on the other hand by the weight of your 3D printed part.
We look at how much space is needed in the build area for your 3D printed part and how well this area is filled by the part. The weight of your part is determined by the volume of the 3D model and the density of the printed plastic (for example PA12 = 1.01 kg/liter).
We have the following scale:
order volume
> 1,000 € = 5 % discount
> 2,000 € = 10 % discount
> 3,000 € = 15 % discount.
We ship worldwide with DHL.
National shipping in Germany costs between 4.25 € (without additional insurance, up to 1 kg) and 19.80 € (incl. 6.00 € additional insurance, up to 31.5 kg).
International shipping costs between 11.25 € (EU, ex: France / up to 1 kg) and 269.10 € (Worldwide, ex: USA / 31.5 kg)
A powder based layered printing process where agents are used to fuse defined patches of each layer in a controlled manner.
MJF is a high resolution, high speed process with consistent dimensional accuracy for high load capacity, medium quantity production parts. The parts produced have nearly the same mechanical properties in all dimensional directions (isotropic).
The part size is limited by the dimensions of the build space: 380 mm x 283 mm x 380 mm (width x depth x height).
In the X-Y plane 1,200 dpi, in the Z direction 0.08 mm.
This depends, besides other things, on the geometry of the component.
In general, we achieve +/- 0.2 mm to +/- 0.2 % of the component size in all dimensions.
The part size is limited by the dimensions of the build space: 380 mm x 283 mm x 380 mm (width x depth x height).
We print with a polymer powder of PA12 (nylon).
In addition, other plastics such as TPU, TPA, PP, PA11 and PA12GB (with glass filling) can be printed.
Loading and nesting of 3D models in the build room, as well as printing, cleaning by glass bead blasting.
Changes in geometry.
Load analysis of components.
Weight optimization.
Adaptation to offshore and deep-sea requirements.
Surface compression by high-pressure glass bead blasting.
Coloring of the surfaces.
Chemical smoothing/ sealing of the surface.